WebVR Camp Hyderabad

The best place to contribute is the WebVR. Developers of the Chrome, Firefox, and Samsung Internet Browser builds are on list, as well as other community members who are enthusiastic about VR on the Web. Thanks Michael and Havi for such opportunity to be part of collab house event again. Collab house is like a family to me now. It feels so good to be a part of this family. Ram organized WebVR event at collab house Hyderabad.Hyderabad is such place where you can never be bored because you have all type of  learning resources there, especially at Collab House. The expectations were so high plus we worked hard too in arrangements,selection prsocess etc. Well ,As you sow so shall you reap. Thats what happens 😀 .

So I reached Hyderabad at 1 am. Thanks to Akshay for keeping me safe LOL. So this trip was so hectic for me but it was so fruitful and worthy . I reached last night of this event and in mng of event ,I met srushtika . After yummy brunch, we headed to collab house for pre event preparations.Thanks to Vineel.Since collab house was revanuating but he arranged everything for cozy environment. Ram divided tasks among us. Mine was to upload pictures and create thread in discourse and few more things.


As soon as crowd gathered, we started with introduction. Vineel and Ram started with Mozilla communities introduction. Since maximum were mozillians, they motivated other person to get involved  and contribute.We had an ice breaking session in which group has to divide in couple and after knowing your artner, when ball passes to you , you have to tell everyone about your partner. Winner wil get prizes. My partner won :p


Srushtika and I  took introductory sessions on introduction of webvr and aframe. It was pretty amazing bcoz not only students but entrepreneurs  working with web VR/ AR  were also their. Ram got some surprise for me and srushtika (yayy)

We got started with downloading  A-Frame library : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aframevr/aframe/master/dist/aframe-v0.3.2.min.js

Then Tushar and Ram took all the sesions and had video session with Kevin.

Here goes the links:

After yummy pizza


We had video session with Patrik and Yoni.Guest talk by Patrick (VR, AR & IOT enthusiast, DevDiner.com founder & Sitepoint Editor) : https://youtu.be/fE2bni-o2XE

  • We got overwhelming response with 100+ registrations for event.
  • 40 [selected] participants & 10 volunteers joined us for the event.
  • This was an 14 hour long overnight, fun-filled event
  • Most of the sessions from the event were live streamed.
  • 3 talks by guest speakers over video conferencing (videos & slides links) –
    • ‘6 Things I Learned in One Year of A-Frame’ – By Yoni Binstock (UI developer & VR content creator)
    • ‘VR development techniques and best practices’ – By Patrick Catanzariti (DevDiner.comfounder)
    • ‘Key features & upcoming attractions in A-Frame’ – By Kevin Ngo (VR Developer at Mozilla)
  • Participants teams created VR scenes using the event’s learning, find their links on the event discourse.


Here are the links to our Telegram and Slack channels. See you there!!!

Thanks Ram for report and your invitation :p  and for this surprise gift.



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