MozillaIndiaMeetup Pune 2016

Mozilla India is also known as Most Diverse Mozilla Local Community . I am fortunate that I got chance to chance to involve in this community. A team of initiators joined and made plan of Mozilla India Meetup at Pune from 26-28 August,2016. Yayy !! I got selected in participation .It was my first big event. I was excited as well as nervous because I was no more student. Best part was it was on weekends.

My flight was at evening 26 August 7:30 pm but for not convenient service to Pune ,it got preponed to 5:30 pm. Finally after troubling connecting flights, I reached Pune and find few Mozillians at airport that made me feel good because it was late 12. I missed the DINNER. It as not just dinner the special thing was everyone has to dress up in their traditional attire. Sounds fun right but I missed it.:(  Srushtika met me at reception in gorgeous attire. We headed to rooms and met awesome people upstairs holding coffee mugs LOLz!!! Ipsha and me slept at 3 and got wake up call at 6:30  am .

Day 1 started with a beautiful view from my window.We reached Galileo hall with a card of interesting characters name like mine was __________ and t-shirt and swags. Vnisha , Diwanshi and Priyanka welcomed us and told us what is the reason behind character’s name on our ID cards. The reason is to find your partner like mine was ______  Harsha Bandaru. Interesting thing is  I have been working in Hyderabad with Collab House and never saw Harsha before ,since he comes Collab House every weekend. Funny!!! We changed the partner and had to talk to them for few minutes. In small period most of the people got chance to know at least 3-4 people. It was fun idea of game.

There was many interesting charts on wall of hall more like Wall of Appreciation, Firefox Bus and wall of parking. I got 3 letters in envelope of Wall of Appreciation from my friends. After all introduction and some highlights , George started first session with Mozilla’s Goals and Vision highlighting different ways for accomplishing goals of Mozilla.__________ .Because I got ___ sticker on my card, I got Centuari venue including Ipsha and Srushtika. 😀 Brad gave us charts, sketches etc and divided us into small groups and divided major 5 key internet issues to every group. We have to come with different solutions and explain what are advantages and disadvantages of that keys. For example : Group 2 got Open Innovation. Abhiram drew a chart with advantages, disadvantages and we were telling him solutions and other views.After completing this session , we had another interesting breakout session on Vision and Structure of Community. With naan and chicken , We had again transition to breakout session on Personal Leadership by Natasha.It was started with game and then the participants were divided into a group of six individuals. Each group was given a crisis situation and they were asked to identify the  reason behind the crisis and the probable solutions for the same.Time for MozVR session by Ram Dayal , everyone gathered in Galileo 2 hall with curious faces. Ram started with an amazing demo of Virtual Reality . Since I don’t know much JavaScript but I was so much excited and I got so involved that I am a part of Grow WebVR Functional Team of Mozilla India community. Interesting isn’t it? 

Heading to closing of Day 1 we all gathered again at main hall for session with Structure and team .Kaustav and Deb explained about restructured community and everyone was giving their views and ideas towards this structuring. After Mozilla club video,Foxy started dancing , after that Konstantina joined us and danced on Indian music. Since schedule was so jammed pack , I went to room and slept. 😐


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