Mozilla Day@Ace Engineering College Hyderabad

This time Mozilla Hyderabad came up with this extremely wonderful event “Mozilla Day”. The event aims at introduction to the Mozilla and its communities , the technologies it creates and the way it makes web a productive place each and every day. A separate session on the recent advancements in Mozilla , tracks on Campus Campaign and Connected Devices and WoMoz. Followed by Official Club launch at ACE Engineering College.The main highlight of this festival is that Ace College consists of maximum female strength so 100+ active WoMoz attended this session!!!

So here I am sharing a milestone event Mozilla Day!!! Yayy!! 😀 Sounds cool. Thankyou Harsha for inviting me.It was blistering summer sun when we started for college.After one hour travel we reached and went into the seminar hall, began with a formal inaguration and after that we started with the sessions.

At 11:3o, Harsha initiated with Open Source session which covered what is Open Source and Why Open Source? He gave everybody an introduction to Mozilla, our mission, the open source projects .It is to provide the participants awareness on the recent Web Technologies around them like 3 D Printing, Ubuntu etc and showed them some logos of Open Source Organizations.Now its  Privacy time LOL 😀

Akshay took Privacy session and because of his awesome and knowlegeable session  Many students asked the questions like How can we avoid footprinting etc.  This made me happy Because Doing Good Is Our Part Of Code. Every student has The goal of this session is to provide a privacy tip a day that an average user could complete in 10 minutes or less.He taught to learn and share your thoughts about current trends and future issues for privacy and the steps we we can take today against privacy infringements.Yeah , I forgot to tell that it was Akshay ‘s College.Yay!!!

Soon there will be Official Club launch at ACE Engineering College . Back to session, Santosh and Akshay showed a demo of LightBeam , Ghostery add ons.There was curiousity on everyone’s face but I was hungry 😐 Yuhuuuu Lunch time!!!!!  The food was Yummy , Thanks to Mr. B.L.Raju (Principal) .Everyone also had their lunch and came back . Here comes my turn 😀

So the session started, where I was to take the lead. I started the session with a question “ why don’t women contribute to Open source” , “ why don’t they come forward?” I asked every single girl sitting in the room. The answers that I received were “they believe they are not good at programming ” , “they hesitate to come forward”, “they are scared of discrimination and jokes”and so on.I cleared their doubts and told about myths and misbeliefs of our society. I also spoke about IRC, bugzilla  and mailing lists such WoMoz tools to get in touch with the Mozillians and WoMoz.

Santosh helped me explaining Persona ,Firefox Sync  so that it will become more clear to everyone what our vision is . It was focused on women’s visibility and involvement in Free/Open Source and Mozilla, and to increase the number of women contributors which covered topics like how women can get involved in the internet, FLOSS & other computing projects. Then I started with Different Contribution Pathways in which we covered the how to contribute to different paths such QA, SUMO, Development, Spread The Word,Visual Design , Documentation and editing etc. I got good response from the students showing their willingness to contribute to Mozilla.

Last but not least Santosh  once again came to stage with a session on ‘Firefox OS and connected devices, Open web apps’. This got the students really excited when they came to know that Firefox OS could be used in their own IoT projects. He also explained about OghLiner as to how the hosted apps are made available offline too from the 2nd time by saving the app as cache, etc. This was pretty exciting and the students learned a lot from it. It sounds awesome (May be for me because I am from Developer field , Well Its good) . I learnt from this session that if you print simple Hello World code then also you can contribute in this field.He also encouraged all the students to sign up as FSAs and start contributing to Mozilla so that they are also a part of the Global Good. He explained what the FSAs do, the role of FSAs in ensuring Net Neutrality wins in India.

Everything went good and ended with discussion.I was overwhelmed with such an awesome responses.I am so happy that I met the event metrics and especially made the participants feel a worthy day.

A must  Group Pic!! 😀 :moz


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