Mozilla’s Representative at Desh Bhagat University.

On Tech-fest Carpediem14 , being held at our collage Desh Bhagat University ; Beside many technical, non-technical and cultural activities , the most fascinating was MAKER’s PARTY PUNJAB , being co-ordinate by Deepak Sarswat,Abhishek Thakur, Bipin Karki , Er. Mohit Kakkar.

Desh Bhagat University

Desh Bhagat University

Mozilla representative has already  arrived. As we reached in the hall where  we were welcomed by Mozilla reps i.e. Chandan Baba,Santosh and Sajeev  .The time we entered , the place had its own magic ,everyone was busy in making some sort of banners with colors. I too made a banner and a secure mask.This event was attended by many students and faculty members.

IMG_0096 IMG_0124

Then they proceeded with the introduction of the event and  took a small session about what Mozilla is and the ultra low cost firefox OS. I was so excited to see Firefox OS device . Few question were asked and students actively participated in answering them.

Mozilla reps  engaged the Firefox enthusiasts with some webmaker tools and make us aware about cool stuffs we can do to contribute in Open Source and secure web.Swags were given to the students who raised doubts .The great coordination of regional mozillians had a great role in the perfect execution of the plans.The day ended by giving out swags and Loads of pictures.

IMG_0091 IMG_0153

We would explore , learn and share the word “Firefox OS” with the prime believe that it will not only blaze the path but will also bring a revolution in the life of the next 2 billion who are about to come online in the near future.Anyone who loves Firefox OS and are excited to spread the word can be part of the journey!

Mozilla Webmaker Aims to Teach us to Code and Changes us  from Web Consumer to Creator.

They’re inviting everyone to join or volunteer at free local events and teach-ins around the world. With new Webmaker tools, event kits and starter projects designed to make it easy, social and fun.

They took the WebMaker session and the Firefox OS App Development session. All the participants asked various types of interesting questions which helped me improve my knowledge and experience. The students were excited about WebMaker and to learn App Development for Firefox OS.

Everyone were surprised to know how easy it was to develop apps for Firefox OS.

Tools we learnt
Creating the web is the heart of our work. We learned about tools like Thimble, X-Ray Goggles and Popcorn Maker that allow us  to create amazing content while peeking under the hood of the internet, getting familiar with all the moving parts and getting their hands dirty with foundational elements like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What i get from this event.

I enjoyed this event and Got a Mozilla Firefox T-shirt.Now i am determined to support open and secure web Mozilla Firefox.


I am proud to be a Mozillian now.



  1. deepak sarswat · · Reply

    we really learned something and evolve as mozillians

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  2. nice one… keep it up 🙂


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